RUD Sprockets

RUD sprockets for conveying systems and conveying technology include reversing wheels, Submerged overhung idler (SOI) & chain wheels.

  • Robust welded design with exchangeable case hardened segments
  • Especially suitable for RUD systems
  • Bored and keyed according to your instruction
  • Finish-drilled and grooved as per customer requirement
Chain wheel
  • For bucket elevator RUca, 2win, SWA- Made of robust welded construction with replaceable bearing ring segments. They are particularly suitable for drives in the field of conveyor technology. Drilled and grooved according to your specifications. Also special sizes.
Reversing wheel for System 65
  • Reduces wear -The reversion wheel is used in bucket elevators with difficult operating conditions.
Reversing wheel
  • For forked link chain FORKY- Induction hardened contact surface for longer service life.
Submerged Overhung Idler
  • Ideal for submerged conveyor- High-quality, robust and easy-running bearing technology. Optimised bearing seal. Easily accessible for maintenance works.
Reversion wheels A, B and C
  • For chain conveyors- The RUD reversing wheels type A, B or C are used as a deflection for chains in conveyor systems