VWBG-V Load ring, metric thread

  • Suitable for all loads which swivel and tilt
  • Can be loaded in all directions with a 4:1 design factor
  • Swiveling under full load is permissible provided the inclination angle is not perpendicular to the screw – in direction
  • Not suitable for permanent swiveling under full load
  • Can also be supplied with variable (vario) thread lengths
  • Easy assembly due to the single threaded tapping
  • High tensile, inspected suspension ring
  • Full working load in all directions.
  • Lifiting point is able to rotate 360 degrees. However it is not suitable for turning and rotation under load.
  • Lifitng point has been tested by DGUV (German legal accident insurance) and has the corresponding written approval.
  • Maximum Operation temperature range of the lifting point without reduction of WLL.
  • Lifiting points with these features are extreamely suitable for turning and rotating of loads.
  • Inspection and documentation made easy! By the RUD-ID-System (equipped with own RFID chip).
  • 4:1 min. safety factor for lifting and 2:1 safety factor for lashing capacity.
  • Lifitng point is available with Variable/various thread lenghts.
  • Ball bearing suitable for turning and rotating
  • 230 C Max

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