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RUD acquires Eastall Engineering Products line

Posted 08/09/2020
Engineered Products

RUD Australia is delighted to announce that it has acquired Eastall Engineering’s products, design and manufacturing arm. A local QLD company, Eastall is a company recognised for its high-quality fabrication and general engineering and RUD looks forward to providing the same levels of service and support.

This acquisition will help to supplement our own innovative range of engineered lifting, rotating, and materials handling solutions.

Continuity of Service

RUD is happy to supply the engineering products perfected by Eastall over the years including:

Pacman Coil Tilter

A small footprint upender for tilting coils of steel from a vertical to a horizontal bore position enabling safe loading to an Uncoiler machine.

Hydraulic Coil Tilter

The hydraulic oil tilt will help customers separate steel collars from a transport pallet in any high-risk area.

Quad Hook

The quad hook provides increased efficiency and safety when lifting vertical bore steel coils with a crane. It eliminates the dangers otherwise associated with the traditional approach.

Spreader and Lifting Beams

These beams can be used wherever loads have to be lifted and moved in a horizontal fashion. The load will be spread over the length of the beam, giving a more even distribution and ensuring a safe approach.

Self Levelling C-hook

A materials handling lifting attachment designed for easy and safe handling of steel coils,

Additional Information

If you have any questions about availability or a specific materials handling challenge, get in touch with RUD's Engineering Manager, Matt Pauli, on 07 3809 1300 or email

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