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Cement asphalt plants use bucket elevators to move the material to the plant mixing tower. Bucket elevators used in asphalt plants should withstand high material temperatures (frequently reaching 180-200°C) and operate at high capacity (e.g. up to 100-200 tonne/hour).

An asphalt plant in South Australia had operational capacity problems and frequent DIN bracket-type bucket elevator system breakage. The plant was only producing 85,000t annually, which was quite low compared to the standard 100t per hour over a 2,000-hour system life (200,000t per year). In addition, they experienced significant downtime due to replacing the chains and brackets every 8-12 months, negatively impacting their efficiency and throughput.

The Challenges with the Current System

The current system had a few shortcomings, such as:

In comparison to the short life of the DIN system, RUD endless chains only need to be replaced after producing approximately 200,000t. The bucket attachments, however, can be replaced after approximately 400,000t, which was a huge advantage to the plant. The RUD system is superior, with endless chains and bucket attachments, doubling the chain life and increasing component life by four times.

Description of the problem: 

The chain contact with the DIN shackles was wearing out faster in the interlink area because it had lower hardness. The wheel diameter was also too small for optimal chain life.  All the centrifugal load was applied on the bucket shackle as it moved around the wheel, resulting in higher interlink wear.

Some of the issues the plant was facing were:

Why did the client approach RUD?

Most bulk material handling sites in Australia using the DIN shackle system are gradually being replaced with the RUD 2WIN solution. The 2WIN system has a 3-link interlink contact, which makes conveyors more stable and provides longer component life.

The client was aware that RUD had successfully completed many upgrades of 2WIN conversions, so they invited RUD to propose a full conversion plan.

Some of the reasons for approaching RUD were:

The RUD Solution:

RUD implemented the 2WIN solution with a 3-link contact with the 19x75 chain, making the conveyor stable even on smaller-diameter wheels. This included replacing the treads with hardened wheels which fitted the existing casings. The treads were a bolt-on design for easy installation and replacement when required. The added benefit was that the capacity could be maintained or even increased with bucket spacing on a 19x75 chain.

RUD bucket elevator systems offer a range of proven, high capacity and flexible solutions for all vertical handling applications. The hardened steel chain systems support large capacity conveying, providing maximum throughput.

The Result:

Regular chain wear measurements will be monitored with a service and support plan to maximise chain life and performance. We use predictable life projections for scheduled maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime. Most of our component kits are planned and delivered well before a shutdown. Backup kits are supplied before planned outages to avoid unscheduled downtime.

A Win-Win Situation

The RUD 2WIN system ensures efficient operation in the demanding hot asphalt environment for many years. The 2WIN attachment, fixed on the bucket, distributes load, and extends the bucket lifespan. Additionally, these attachments are replaced only with every second chain change, maximising efficiency. Full tensioner wheel contact minimises tread wear and extends chain life. The hardened RUD components are superior to the previous wheel, and the treads only require changing every second chain set.

This upgrade with the 2WIN system is a WIN-WIN for both RUD and the client.

If you want more details of our conveyor and drive systems, email us or call us on 07 3809 1300.

Article copyright to RUD Ketten and RUD Australia. This information is accurate at the time of publication, and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors, inadvertent or otherwise. Some pictures are for illustration only.

Ensuring a safe and controlled operation is critical in the challenging conditions of marine projects. Marine environments are corrosive and heavily influenced by currents and tides. Hence, it is paramount that all factors are considered before installation to ensure long-term performance.

This article discusses the reasons why the RUD TECDOS drive solution was ideal for the Brisbane River Ferry Terminals.

The Challenge: Decoupling Walkway in a Marine Environment

International Consulting Engineering company Aurecon approached RUD seeking a drive solution to decouple the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal walkways. The biggest challenge was enabling controlled release and rotation of the walkway undercurrents and tides and preventing damage caused by the ebb and recess of the water flow.

Why TECDOS? Addressing Key Requirements

RUD invited Aurecon to a site visit to the Brisbane factory to demonstrate and showcase the capabilities of the RUD TECDOS system.

RUD TECDOS possessed several benefits that aligned with the project's specific requirements:

Click for more details of TECDOS Pi-Gamma Drive and Omega Drive technology and why RUD is the world leader in drive technology based on the RUD round steel chain mechanism for horizontal, vertical and rotational applications.

The RUD Solution: A Controlled and Safe Decoupling Mechanism

The implemented solution leverages the TECDOS chain drive system to achieve a controlled and safe decoupling process:

The Result: A Proven and Replicable Solution

The success of the RUD TECDOS implementation at the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal is evident by:

Watch the video of the engineering and design from Aurecon, which ensured an ideal option to ensure the critical ferry infrastructure is flood resilient, accessible and for travellers to enjoy and celebrate the river.

Conclusion: Addressing Marine Challenges with Innovative Solutions

The RUD TECDOS system on the Brisbane River Ferry Terminal demonstrates its versatility and effectiveness in addressing complex challenges in the marine sector. Its corrosion resistance, 3D flexibility, compact design, and precisely rated load capacity make it an ideal solution for applications requiring controlled movement and reliable operation in challenging environments.

In addition, the system's modular design and proven track record across multiple installations highlight its potential for wider implementation within the conveying and drive sectors, where accurate control, corrosion resistance, and space optimisation are critical considerations.

Article copyright to RUD Ketten and RUD Australia. This information is accurate at the time of publication, and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors, inadvertent or otherwise. Some pictures are for illustration only

Welcome aboard Australia’s leading material lifting and handling technology company.

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Welcome aboard Australia’s leading material lifting and handling technology company.

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Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality - Washington Irving.

Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone. It is the season of giving, and who better to talk about giving than a charity? Our December Charity Champion is Sallyanne, who is very passionate about giving to the community through the #BeAnElf organisation.

The #RUDstory is about our employees, the charities they support each month, the values they hold dear, and their experience of teamwork, challenges and motivation at RUD.

How many years have you been involved with the Be An Elf charity?

I have been supporting the BE AN ELF charity for 6 years, and RUD Chains has been participating for the last 5 years.  This is my favourite charity which I support as I love doing the shopping and giving back to the community.

What inspired you to continue advocating for this charity?

My children have been very fortunate to receive gifts on Christmas morning, and I wanted to teach my children to give back to the community. The Byrne family has been part of the BE AN ELF charity for the last six years, and we love making some local children happy on Christmas Day.  This is RUD’s fifth year supporting the charity, which is exciting.  One thing I love about this charity is the “Elves” deliver the gifts on Christmas Eve so the children receive their gifts on Christmas Day.

Why is this charity important to you?

I think the big smiles on the children say it all. Being given the gift ‐ granting the very longed-for item and brand from the top of their Wish Letter to Santa' is incredible.  We've gone and done it ‐ granted that first wish ‐ bought a new pair of black school shoes, the next Wish Letter for a most desired Barbie, then a really longed-for 'new undies' that weren't holey and pre-worn.  RUD and I want to make a difference, contribute to our local community and put smiles on children's faces.

How does the charity serve the community?  

For the last 16 years in December, BE AN ELF volunteers read letters written by children to Santa and arrange gift bags for distribution. The letters are mostly written by local kids or their mums or dads asking for 'new shoes', ' bed sheets’, ‘pillow' or other necessities.  The children are referred from services such as Centre Link, Social Workers, Neighbourhood Centres, Family Services and GP’s. The BE AN ELF mission is to put smiles on the faces of less fortunate local Queensland kids on Christmas Morning.  When times are tough, it’s the little people who are struggling that suffer the most, and being different can be a hard lesson to learn. 

How does the RUD team help with the cause?   

The difference we make at RUD through the BE AN ELF is an empowering contribution to society’s vulnerable and smallest members who, most of the time, end up neglected because they do not have a voice.

Any additional comments?

I love contributing to this cause, and every year RUD contributes more wish letters which makes me so proud to work alongside such generous people. All for the same cause of making Christmas the most magical day of the year for all.

Interested to join the team?

Check our current vacancies on Seek.

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A gangway is a narrow walkway or platform that provides safe access to a ship, truck, or train. Ship gangways are used for the passage of both passengers/crew and cargo. They must move in all directions and be height-adjustable for use with different ships. The gangways must also be robust, secure and safe under challenging conditions.

RUD’s TECDOS Drive system offers an ideal solution for a gangway, using calibrated steel chains fitting into complimenting sprockets. TECDOS drive systems are an ideal replacement for pinion gear and wire rope drives because they function reliably even under the most challenging conditions.

For gangways, RUD TECDOS drive systems can include:


PI-GAMMA drive system with a fixed 180-degree angle (PI) or a flexible angle of 90-180 degrees (GAMMA) is suited for horizontal and vertical applications. The PI-GAMMA pocket wheel block can pull the load along the round steel chain or move it to a different location.

The advantages of PI-GAMMA DRIVE:


The core component of each TECDOS drive system is a highly wear-resistant, calibrated round link chain that can be used in challenging conditions or with abrasive materials. TECDOS chains have high-grade strength to ensure maximum operating safety. The Premium Round Link Chain is case-hardened.


The chain end fixing to connect chains to supporting structures transfers 100% of the TECDOS chain operating forces. Because of its adjustable axis, it also ensures maximum flexibility during use.


The lift limiter prevents the chain from “passing through” by limiting the unloaded sides of the chain, working as a route limiter.

The Project

RUD Australia was approached to build a passenger gangway for a cruise ship terminal in Western Australia. The client could not implement the standard method of using a hydraulic cylinder, as it was too expensive and not cost-efficient for the required lift height.

The Solution: 

After understanding the scope of the project and the solution that best met the client's requirements, RUD developed a dual-strand loop drive component package for this project.

The Result:

RUD implemented a TECDOS 65 component package. Gear motors independently drove the Pi Drives.

The Project Inclusions:

TECDOS systems are ideal for applications where materials or equipment need to be swivelled, lifted, moved, or rotated safely and reliably. RUD quality is a result of years of research and development, creating bespoke drive solutions that are used by leading companies in maritime, engineering, automotive, and wind power and by military forces around the world.

Article copyright to RUD, this information is accurate at the time of publication and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors, inadvertent or otherwise.

For more details on how RUD can help with your crane requirements, please call us on 07 3809 1300 or fill out an enquiry form here.


Welcome aboard Australia’s leading material lifting and handling technology company.

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Drive Solutions for Stage and Events

Entertainment is big business. All musical and sporting events require smooth behind-the-scenes operations to create magic for the audiences. Many stadiums, opera houses and theatre buildings are constructed or renovated to accommodate a wide variety of events, from sports to live theatre, music concerts and dance performances. Hence, the stage needs to adapt quickly to new areas or shapes to accommodate the demanding requirements of such events. And the only way is by using systems such as mechanical chains that lift, lower, push, and pull equipment into a variety of configurations.

Every stage is different, which means that each component of the stage not only has to be durable and efficient but must also integrate into the whole equipment. Theatre and stage construction present technical challenges because of high loads on crossbeams, stage lighting, stage sets or entire stage platforms, which must move safely and reliably. In addition, technical equipment must operate quietly and out of sight, so as not to interfere with the performance.

A long history

RUD has been a world leader in lifting and drive technology with a history of manufacturing excellence for over 140 plus years.

The magic of a show is priceless. Many opera houses, theatres and stadiums across the world use RUD hoist chains and drive solutions that reliably raise and lower stage equipment such as crossbeams, platforms and curtains including setting up and dismantling shows. RUD chains and drive solutions also enable the smooth realignment of permanently installed lightning. Every event is unique and using RUD chains and drive technology guarantees a safe and easy process including customisation for each performance as required.

TECDOS from RUD is a drive system that combines high-quality and accurately calibrated steel chains which fit into complementing sprockets. TECDOS modules are suitable for high loads and reliable under the most challenging conditions. Every TECDOS round steel chain is stamped and issued with a standard 3.1 inspection certificate to ensure its traceability right back to the chain furnace.

Solutions for the entertainment industry:

All RUD products are finished in Galvanised Black Phosphate to blend with the stage equipment.


Case-hardened RUD chains of RTS, RTD and RTB are the safe option for every electric hoist which require reliability and safety.

The benefits of RUD Case-Hardened round chains are:


RUD D-profile chain, the round steel chain 2.0, is the leading technologically advanced round steel chain. Because of its large cross-sectional area, it has a higher maximum load, is case-hardened and designed for higher wear demands.

The benefits of RUD D-Profile chains are:


RUD TECDOS products can manage the lifting and moving of all stage elements, safely and reliably.

Some of the TECDOS products used for stage operations are:

TECDOS ROUND LINK CHAIN: The core component of every TECDOS system application is a highly wear-resistant RUD round link chain for maximum service life.

TECDOS PI-GAMMA: The 2 in 1 Pi-Gamma is suited for horizontal and vertical applications with a fixed 180 degree application, or a flexible 90 to 180 degree application. The drive system ensures greater efficiency through flexibility.

TECDOS OMEGA DRIVE: TECDOS Omega Drive with a wrap angle of 180 degrees is recommended for continuous linear (linear drive) or rotary movements.

TECDOS Pocket Wheel: TECDOS pocket wheels are optimally designed to fit round link chains for smooth running and long service life.

TECDOS Chain Connector: The highly wear-resistant chain connector forms a reliable connection system even under challenging conditions. Endless chain loops are possible by means of a simple hammer assembly.

TECDOS Chain End Fixing: The chain end fixing for connecting chains to supporting structures transfers 100% of the TECDOS chain operating forces. Due to its adjustable axis, it ensures maximum flexibility during use.

TECDOS PowerPoint Lifting Point: The PowerPoint lifting point for connection to chains, hooks, and eyes, can easily be rotated 360° and swivelled 230°. The double ball bearing ensures easy tilting, turning and rotating for drive technology.

If you want to know how the team at RUD can help you, please call 07 3809 1300 or fill out an enquiry form here.

Article copyright to RUD, this information is accurate at the time of publication and RUD Australia takes no responsibility for any errors inadvertent or otherwise.


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