ACP-TURNADO Metric Thread with Variable Length w/ locknut and washer

The world’s first smart lifting point!

The RUD ACP-TURNADO, with its unique spring mechanism, ensures greater safety by automatically rotating in the direction of force transmission and by actively preventing a hazardous stoppage of the ring.

It entirely eliminates the risk of a sudden release of the ring from this position in the direction of force and the resulting jerky dropping of the load – which endangers the load, load handling equipment and crane system.

  • Smart design with automatic optimisation
  • Higher working load limits (WLL) than hoist rings of comparable sizes
  • Maximum transmission of force in all possible directions
  • No kinking
  • Highest level of safety
  • RFID technology as standard
  • 4:1 min. safety factor for lifting and 2:1 safety factor for lashing capacity.
  • Lifiting point is able to rotate 360 degrees. However it is not suitable for turning and rotation under load.
  • Lifitng point is available with Variable/various thread lenghts.
  • The lifting point has got a rotation range of XXX° in the suspension link (XXX° being representative for the different values).
  • Lifitng points with this symbol are equipped with the ICE-Bolt.

Product Variants (5)