VLBG Load Ring - Metric Thread

Tried and tested – Full WLL in all directions
  • Fully captive but easy to demount
  • 100% crack detected RUD-hexagon head cap bolt

Instructions before use:

  • The load ring must be flexible and adjusted to the direction of pull before being loaded
  • Ensure there is no contact between the ring and the edges of the work piece
  • Avoid pivoting under full load
  • Ensure the bolting surface (N) is plain
  • Full working load in all directions.
  • Lifiting point is able to rotate 360 degrees. However it is not suitable for turning and rotation under load.
  • Lifitng point has been tested by DGUV (German legal accident insurance) and has the corresponding written approval.
  • Maximum Operation temperature range of the lifting point without reduction of WLL.
  • ECS 19190 122
  • Inspection and documentation made easy! By the RUD-ID-System (equipped with own RFID chip).
  • The lifting point has got a rotation range of XXX° in the suspension link (XXX° being representative for the different values).
  • 4:1 min. safety factor for lifting and 2:1 safety factor for lashing capacity.
  • Lifitng point is available with Variable/various thread lenghts.

Product Variants (5)